German media organization threatens 16,000 of its employees for opposing the raising of the Israeli flag at its headquarters

German social media published an incident at the Axel Springer Media Foundation. The company's CEO issued threats to employees who protested, raising a substantial Israeli flag in front of the foundation's headquarters in Berlin.

Since the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza last May, the institution mentioned above has raised Israel's flag to express its absolute solidarity with what the Israeli occupation forces are doing.

According to what was reported by press sources, it was also clear through its media coverage in support of Israel, as raising the flag angered some German employees.

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Some employees presented these reservations to the foundation's CEO, Matthias Dobfner, who criticized it and threatened employees. In front of the 16,000 employees working for the German media organization, Dobfner said, "Workers who complained about placing an Israeli flag outside the largest digital publishing house in Europe should look for new jobs."

"I think the person who has a problem with the Israeli flag that was raised here for a week, after antisemitic demonstrations, should look for a new job somewhere else," Dobfner said in a video conference.

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"Some people have said that they do not want to work for a company that does such an act, and I consider that these people do not fit our values," he added.

An opinion poll showed that about half of Germans believe that freedom of expression is in danger, compared to only 45% who expressed their belief that freedom of political opinion is possible in their country, according to an opinion poll commissioned by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper. The lowest was recorded by the Allensbach Institute for measuring opinion indicators since 1953.

44% of the respondents believed that it is better to be careful when expressing an opinion on specific topics when asking respondents about the issues they think they should be cautious about when talking about them.

It is noteworthy that a press report revealed a few days ago that the parliamentary blocs of the German ruling coalition, consisting of the Christian Alliance to which Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Social Democratic Party belong, agreed to amend the law granting German citizenship to foreigners.

The Berlin-based Axel Springer Foundation is one of the largest digital publishing houses in Europe, and it owns several newspapers such as Bild, Welt, Business Insider, Politik Europe, and many other news brands, in addition to the largest classifieds site in Israel, Yad2.

The German newspaper, "Bild," issued Friday, stated that under these plans, any conviction of an anti-Semitic or racially motivated crime would lead to exclusion from naturalization, and this will also apply to convictions for anti-Semitic crimes classified as minor misdemeanors.

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