In solidarity with Palestine, thousands demonstrate off British government headquarter

Days of Palestine - London

Thousands demonstrated today in front of the British government headquarters in London to demand freedom and justice for Palestine, as part of the International Day of Action for International Justice, and in conjunction with the meetings of the world's major industrial countries - the G7 - being held in Cornwall, southwest Britain.

Downing Street was filled with Palestinian flags, and the demonstrators raised banners and slogans denouncing the complicity of the United Kingdom and the G7 governments in supporting the occupying state and covering up Israeli war crimes. The last one was in Gaza.

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The demonstration included a speech festival in support of Palestine, where activists gave speeches affirming their support for the Palestinian people and calling for the boycott of the occupying state.

The demonstrators called on the British government and its guests from the leaders of the seven major powers to stop supporting the Israeli occupation, stressing that justice for the Palestinian people and ending the Israeli occupation is the shortest way to peace and stability in the world.

Among the participants in the demonstration was Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labor Party, as well as a number of party deputies. Corbyn called for an end to the Israeli occupation, an end to settlements, an end to the siege on Gaza, an immediate end to aggression against Palestinians, and recognition of a Palestinian state and refugee rights.

He also called on the people around the world to break their silence, support the demands of peace and freedom for the Palestinians, and demand that governments take a real role to pressure the Israeli government to stop the violations against the Palestinians.

Former labor adviser John McDonnell, who participated in the demonstration, called for an end to arms sales between the United Kingdom and the occupying country to stop funding the Israeli apartheid regime, and called for support for the boycott and divestment movement, and added: "Our movement will not stop until justice is achieved for the Palestinians and the occupation ends."

Raghad Al-Tikriti, head of the Muslim League in Britain, said: "History will hold those who remain silent about the Israeli war crimes, and our standing by the Palestinian right will not recede, whatever the circumstances."

She added, "For 73 years, the Palestinians are still waiting for international law to be implemented while the occupying power continues to violate international law by dispossessing Palestinians of their lands, expanding settlements, arrests, ethnic cleansing, and other crimes against humanity."

The head of the Palestinian Forum in Britain, Zaher Birawi, stated that "today's demonstration is a continuation of solidarity with our people in Palestine in general, and in Jerusalem and Gaza in particular."

He added: "We are here today to demonstrate in order to support the national rights of the Palestinian people, foremost of which is the right to freedom from the occupation, and we stand today in front of the British government in order to convey a message that it is time for it to stop supporting the occupation."

Berway continued that: "The demonstrators today are sending the biggest message to the occupation and its government that the peoples of the world will not stop supporting the Palestinian people until Israel stops its crimes and justice is achieved and the Palestinians enjoy freedom, and that the false mask of a democratic state no longer deceives the peoples of the world who came out in the millions in support of Palestinian rights."

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