Leftover of Israeli missiles turned to art in Gaza

By: Motasem A Dalloul Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –A Palestinian went home to find remains of Israeli sells and missiles inside and around his home, what did he do? Yasser Hassan fled his home in the third day of the Israeli ground attack on the Gaza Strip as he was afraid his house might be targeted by indiscriminate Israeli attacks. His wife objected him, but at the end, she accepted his advice and both of them packed their light luggage, took their four children and left their house. They were lucky to find an empty room in one of the almost 90 UNRWA schools, which were used as shelters by around 300,000 displaced Gazans. Because of the shortage of electricity, Hassan did not use to watch TV or listen to the radio, but instead he used to keep the earphones of his Nokia mobile on his ears to know the latest about the Israeli operation near his neighbourhood. When the UN mediated a six hour humanitarian truce, Hassan did not go to see his house because he had listen bad news that his house was targeted by a number of tank shells. But he remained worried until the end of the war. He was afraid that his house might face the same fate of his neighbour’s house, which was completely destroyed by an F16 rocket. After 51-day of the Israeli attacks, including airstrikes, artillery and naval shelling, Hassan returned home and found only light damage. He was surprised to find two tank shells near to his house, but he was happy that they were not exploded. Furious Hassan He looked around and found much remains of Israeli mortars. He decided to collect them and keep them as a reminder for his agony and pains he suffering during the savage Israeli war. As he and his family settled in, his wife, who was annoyed to keep such rubbish inside her house, decided to make something good. She called him: “Hassan.” He replied: “Ah, dear.” She said: “I want to get rid of this rubbish.” He furiously replied: “No, I will keep them even under my bed.” The wife became upset and thought very deeply and then called him again: “My dear Hassan, I want to keep them, but not under your bed.” He asked: “Where?” She answered: “In the guests’ room.” He asked her: “How can you keep rubbish there.” She told her to wait a surprise within days. Hassan waited for the surprise of his wife and after three or four days, she asked him to see what once was rubbish. He looked at them was extremely shocked, but he was very happy. Hassan hugged his wife and his children and hoped that peace and stability last forever in Gaza and all Palestine. See also: Killer turns to art in Gaza You can reach Motasem A Dalloul on Facebook and Twitter

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