Hamas warns of Sheikh Jarrah evictions

Days of Palestine - Gaza

Hamas Movement warned the Israeli occupation against any foolishness that would harm the people of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and held it responsible and the repercussions for that.

The movement’s spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, said in a written statement today, Sunday that the mass displacement of our people in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, and the seizure of their homes, is an open targeting of the Palestinian identity of Jerusalem and the Palestinian presence in the occupied city, and a dangerous racist aggressive behavior and a new crime that is added to his black record against our people in Jerusalem.

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Barhoum believed that the absence of the Palestinian Authority's decisive and responsible stances towards this Zionist aggression, as well as the crime of Arab normalization, encouraged the Israeli occupation and constituted an official cover for the continuation of these Zionist crimes and violations.

He added that facing this Zionist aggression requires speeding up the adoption of an official Palestinian, and of all the Palestinian resistance forces and the components of our people, for an extended national resistance action strategy that strengthens the steadfastness of our people in Jerusalem, faces all these violations and crimes, and widens the areas of engagement with the Zionist enemy and all forms of resistance.

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Barhoum warns the Israeli occupation against any foolish act that may harm Palestinian people in Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah, and holds it responsible and the repercussions of all these racist, extremist policies and the provocative actions it is carrying out against Jerusalemites.

Barhoum called on Jerusalemites and the Palestinians of the occupied interior to march to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and to stay in its homes, alleys, and streets, and to form human shields of resistance, as happened in the Battle of the Gates, the Gate of Mercy and the Bab al-Amoud to defend our people in Sheikh Jarrah, and to prevent the implementation of this Zionist plan, no matter how much sacrifices are made.

Hamas movement called on the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the peoples of the nation to shoulder their responsibilities in protecting the people of Jerusalem, working to curb this aggression, strengthening the steadfastness of the Jerusalemites, and supporting the resistance of Palestinian people.

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