Qazzaz: Palestinian elections to held in Jerusalem by challenging the occupation

Days of Palestine - Ramallah

Youssef Qazzaz, a spokesman for the "Al-Quds Our Destination" list, confirmed that the decision to hold the elections came with the consensus of all Palestinians through the Istanbul and Cairo meetings, and following the outcomes of the Secretary-General's meetings, and the battle for holding them in Jerusalem is based on the philosophy of challenging the Israeli occupation and not delaying and fleeing.

Qazzaz said that the proposal to postpone the elections is completely illogical, and the Israeli occupation deliberately disrupts this electoral process because it knows with certainty that the Palestinian elections will inevitably lead to an exit from the state of division that pleases him a lot.

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Qazzaz stressed that the electoral process will not be postponed, and the Palestinian people will not be punished again by postponing the elections until one party or the other is satisfied.

He added that if it is, then let us start the clash with the occupation, and then leave the elections for later, and let us embody the Palestinian people's vision of this occupation.

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Qazzaz stressed that we will extract all our rights from the fangs of the Israeli occupation, in spite of it and all its unjust measures, and despite all normalizers, rushing and supporting it in the processes of liquidation, exclusion of the Palestinian resistance.

He pointed out that the issue of Jerusalem, for which we named our list, and every Arab and Muslim yearns for it, we do not drop it from our accounts, and it must not be dropped from the accounts at any level.

Qazzaz stressed that Jerusalem was present before the decrees were issued, and before the understandings on the issue of the elections, and scenarios for how to deal with Jerusalem, and we were not less aware of this issue during the discussions that preceded the issuance of the decrees, stressing that Jerusalem must be the cornerstone of the equation despite the Israeli occupation policy.

He added that the electoral battle with the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem will be based on the philosophy of engagement, challenge, and insistence on making this process successful in Jerusalem first, and not with the philosophy of delaying and running backward.

Regarding the meeting of the PLO factions, its decision that there would be no elections without Jerusalem, Qazzaz remarked that we say that there will be elections only if Jerusalem is present, but can the occupation prevent elections in Hebron, Ramallah, and Nablus?

He continued that we need unconventional measures, and let the whole world enter this electoral equation, and see how the racial occupation attacks, and let our clash with the occupation politically, legally and on the ground, to complete the electoral process.

He also added that let us put election boxes in mosques, churches, and United Nations institutions, and motivate people to go and participate effectively and vigorously in these elections, and let the Israeli occupation do what it wants.

Qazzaz clarified that, following Trump's decision to make Jerusalem the capital of the occupation state, it is at the first stop on the Palestinian people that we must take an unconventional procedure in Jerusalem, and let all the world and all Muslims intervene.

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