On Mother's Day: 12 Palestinian captive mothers in Israeli jails suffer the bitterness of deprivation of their children

Days of Palestine - Ramallah

The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority said on Saturday that 12 out of 39 Palestinian captive mothers are in the prisons of Damon and Hasharon, suffering the cruelty of the Israeli jailer and the bitter deprivation of children, on the day that many peoples of the earth celebrate the "Mother's Day" which corresponds to the twenty-first. From March every year.

The commission stated in a press report that the female captive mothers are: the captive Israa Jaabis, Fadwa Hamada, Amani Al-Hashem, Helwa Hamamra, Nisreen Hassan, Inas Asafra, Aya Al-Khatib, Iman Al-Awar, Khatam Al-Saafin, Shorouk Al-Badan, Khaleda Jarrar, Anhar Al-Deek (a pregnant captive) ).

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It pointed out that the children of female prisoners miss their mothers on this day and every day of the year, as the occasion of "Mother's Day" occurs at a time when captive mothers are deprived of visiting their children, under flimsy security pretexts, and matters become more difficult due to the case of the current circumstance related to special procedures.

The report stated that female prisoners who are mothers in Israeli prisons are living in difficult psychological conditions, as a result of severe anxiety and tension, and constant thinking about the conditions of their children and how their lives are going without their mothers.

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It explained that the female prisoners are subjected to all forms of pressure and arbitrary strict procedures by the guards, whether in terms of medical negligence or the policy of storming their rooms and imposing penalties on them, and they live in difficult and harsh life and detention conditions.

It indicated that the Israeli occupation authorities have arrested more than 17,000 Palestinian women since 1967, pointing to the great patriotic and militant role of Palestinian women in carrying out their responsibilities in facing the occupation alongside the Palestinian man.

The commission called on the international community to work for the liberation of the Palestinian mother and woman and to provide adequate support in order to protect them and their children from the arrogance of the Israeli occupation and the need to work at all levels to release them and stop their suffering inside the Israeli occupation prisons.

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