Legislative Council sends a message to the Palestinian factions meeting in Cairo

Days of Palestine - Gaza

In a press release, the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) said on Monday that we followed the developments taking place on the Palestinian arena, especially setting the dates for holding the legislative and presidential elections and the National Council, and the subsequent Egyptian invitation to the Palestinian factions to meet in Cairo.

It added that we are in the PLC and based on our national responsibilities and parliamentary duties that the people have entrusted us towards the supreme interests of the Palestinian people, maintaining the system of constitutional values ​​and principles embodied in the Palestinian Basic Law, protecting the rights and fundamental freedoms of Palestinians, and respecting their national will to choose their representatives with integrity and transparency through voting, and in order not to fall into junctures that may spoil the electoral process and the path of Palestinian national consensus.

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PLC affirmed the following:

1- The PLC supports the national consensus and the holding of general elections, and calls on the Palestinian factions that will meet in Cairo soon to give priority to the supreme interests of the Palestinian people over partisan interests and to ensure the success of the national dialogue in order to achieve reconciliation and end the division.

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2- The PLC reiterates the assertion on the right of the Palestinian people at home and abroad to exercise their electoral right, especially in the city of Jerusalem as Palestinians will not accept elections without Jerusalem.

3- The electoral process must be based on a solid legal and constitutional basis, and be protected and controlled by the texts and articles of the Palestinian Basic Law to ensure the success of this process.

4- The PLC calls on the Palestinian factions negotiating in Cairo to open all pending files leading to a complete end to the division, and not to be limited to discussing electoral issues only, and that postponing the issues related to the division until after the elections.

5- The continued imposition of collective punishment on the residents of the Gaza Strip, cutting the salaries of the prisoners and the wounded, the families of the martyrs and employees, stifling freedoms in the West Bank, and the prosecution of the honorable, does not provide the appropriate environment for holding the hoped-for elections, rather, it constitutes a fundamental obstacle to the path of embodying the popular will in the ballot box. 

The coming days will be a true test of the Palestinian authority's credibility in Ramallah, and it reflects the extent of its sincerity in its direction for the success of the elections.

6- Providing the guarantees required to respect the election results and the ballot box secretions is a very important, accurate, and sensitive priority in order to secure and fortify the internal Palestinian reality and to ensure that matters do not return to their first square, which requires the conclusion of a binding factional code of honor that consecrates the moral, national and legal framework to protect the process.

7- The real approach to ending the division and arranging the internal home lies in the availability of the sincere will to build Palestinian strategic plans that lead to achieving full partnership in managing the affairs of the Palestinian society at home and abroad on the basis of a unified political and struggle program, and rebuilding the Palestinian political system and the Palestine Liberation Organization on foundations of the Palestinian constants that transcend the Oslo track, according to the determinants of the supreme national interest, away from external dependencies and private agendas, towards achieving our national liberation project, achieving the aspirations of Palestinian people and preserving their national rights.

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