Dr. Khalid Qadomi

Dr. Khalid Qadomi

The Palestinian's Election and the international community 

The Palestinian leader and the member of Hamas politburo Khalil Alhaya summarized his movement views on the upcoming Palestinian election scheduled tentatively in coming May 2021 in the following points:

1- Hamas did all the needed measures to pave the way for a successful process of elections. 
2- Hamas will respect and accept the results whatever will it be.
3- Hamas call upon other Palestinian factions to deal positively with the outcomes.
4- Hamas expects that the international community respect and empower the Palestinians to proceed further with the choice of the people.

Hence, the Palestinians are still skeptical about the behavior of the international community in the aftermath of the election and their big question is; will the world allow them to live as any free nation in the world and to enjoy the fruits of the semi-democracy; as they still suffering the "Israeli" occupation? 

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The people are recalling the bad experience of the elections of 2006 where the international community didn't respect their well and their choice when Hamas merged victorious as if the democracy and the right to self-determination are allowed for all nations but not allowed for Palestinians! 

The brave Palestinian people kept sending continuous positive messages to the international community at different historical points; they proposed a national frame of reference through many acts like the national reconciliation document in 2006, they went for a transparent election witnessed by international apparatuses and they concluded national reconciliation lately through the announcing of their good intentions to forge another democratic milestone in shape of elections and still ready to go further to achieve their goals for freedom and for a viable respectful life they and their children aspired for. 

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The "Israeli" leadership over more than five decades is mastering the same strategy of living without a solution. 

Moshe Dayan, an Israeli military leader, and politician, asserted, was not to find a solution but to learn to live without one. It looks that we are still incurring the same mentality and lamentably the international community as if they still playing on their same defunct tunes.

The new administration at the white house and the friends in Europe should avail such a positive and practical attitude by the Palestinian resistance leadership, as the options have been exhausted and everyone has to adopt a new approach, and the Palestinian narrative has to be accommodated. 

The thing to be mentioned overhear is that we are in front of two approaches, either the international community, European and American in particular continue with the previous failing approach of liquidating the issue or trying to extend promises and empty rhetoric, water testing, and other open-ended pathetic so-called peace processes or be serious enough to work for the betterment of peace and security of the region through at least a just approach of recognition of the Palestinian rights. 

For now, the world is expected to empower the Palestinians to proceed with their internal arrangements of unity and reconciliation and respect the well of the nation and their right to self-determination. 

The upcoming elections in Palestine is a test for the international community for their seriousness in dealing with the issue of Palestine.

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