Gaza is ready to vaccinate Israeli prisoners

BY: Youssef Rizqa

Coronavirus is not a sane organism, as it does not differentiate between nationalities, religions, or between free and captive. It affects the Chinese like Americans, and it enters the lungs of an Arab or a foreigner, as well as threatening the lives of Muslims and Jews. Therefore, the World Health Organization advises states and governments to vaccinate their citizens and residents without distinguishing between male and female.

Coronavirus was classified as a pandemic, and it carried this classification because it strikes all countries of the world, and enters all places and quarters, in different ways explained by the World Health Organization.

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 It enters the wedding halls as the cells of prisoners and detainees, with the same transmission mechanisms, so we wonder why I distinguished it. The occupation government is between a Jew and a Palestinian prisoner, so it decided to vaccinate the Jews, and to leave the vaccination of Palestinian prisoners!

If the decision is based on the concepts of racial discrimination that permeate the cells of decision-making centers in the Israeli occupation state, then there is no solution to this dilemma with the logic of reason and wisdom because racial and religious racism contradicts the logic of reason and wisdom, and there is no solution to the problem except by the occupation leaders getting rid of their racism and subjecting their measures to the requirements of International law regulating the responsibility of the occupying state for prisoners.

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If the decision not to vaccinate Palestinian prisoners is due to financial or technical reasons, the problem can be solved through the World Health Organization, or other humanitarian organizations, and if the reason is due to a request for reciprocity, then Hamas is - in all probability - ready to vaccinate Shaul, Hadar, and the others if the vaccine is available. 

In fact, it is more likely that Hamas will vaccinate them even if Tel Aviv insists on not vaccinating Palestinian prisoners, because Hamas adheres to the teachings of Islam, which has arranged for the prisoner to be treated reciprocally with those who are arrested, without discrimination or racial discrimination, and it must adorn them with treatment the good deed of Islam.

Hamas does not endanger the life of the Israeli prisoners because they are a prisoner and not a citizen, even if the captive is a Jew, so Hamas does not fight the Jews, nor does it capture the Jew, but rather it fights the Zionist who occupies the land of Palestine, and the Zionist who imprisons the men of Palestine and takes them as hostages. 

Hamas has the right to denounce the occupation’s decision not to vaccinate prisoners in its prisons, and it is the right of Hamas and the leadership of the Authority to submit a complaint to the international authorities to nullify the discrimination decision and the racist Netanyahu government's decision.

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