On the 33rd anniversary: Hamas upholds the Palestinian rights

The head of Hamas in the Palestinian diaspora, Maher Salah, said that on Hamas's 33rd anniversary, the movement adheres to the unity of the Palestinian people, rejects projects of normalization and recognition of the occupation, and affirms the right and duty of our nation to participate in the liberation project.

In a press statement, Salah affirmed that Hamas adheres to the unity with all Palestinian factions at home and abroad, as well as the right of our people to resist occupation by all means for the sake of liberation, return, and self-determination.

Salah reiterated the movement’s commitment to rebuilding and developing Palestinian institutions, expanding the participation, developing decision-making mechanisms, and involving all forces, factions, and institutions in order to create a Palestinian future commensurate with the sacrifice and suffering the Palestinian people have made for the sake of their freedom and independence.

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He stressed that the movement rejects all forms of normalization, recognition, and settlement with the Israeli occupation, stressing the right and duty of our nation to actively participate in the liberation project.

Salah affirmed that Hamas rejects the plans of Judaization, demolition, and attacks on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, calling for confronting the Israeli attacks against the city of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the State of Palestine.

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He added that the movement stresses the importance of working to break the siege imposed on our people in the Gaza Strip, rejecting plans to annex the West Bank, meet the rights of Palestinian refugees, and continue UNRWA's work.

Salah saluted all the states, governments, organizations, and institutions that stood by our people and our cause, and contributed to defending the Palestinian cause.

Salah indicated that the launch of the Hamas movement in 1987 coinciding with the first intifada, confirmed the Palestinian people's to uphold their identity and land, their rejection of the Israeli occupation in all its forms.

He said that our people made great sacrifices on the road to freedom, liberation, and return, and sent clear messages that there is no recognition, no settlement, and no compromise on our right to freedom, independence, and self-determination.

He added that the the lunch of Hamas movement renewed the struggle of the Palestinian people, as the movement presented its best leaders and men in defense of the people and the land, and was able to achieve great successes that inflicted multiple defeats on the occupation.

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