Biden will not save Palestinian cause: Leila Khaled

Leila Khaled, a member of the political bureau of the Popular Front, confirmed that it is not possible to bet on the American administration, because it has become a Zionist and they all support it in their electoral programs.

Khaled told Al-Risala Net that betting on Joe Biden and his management as a bet on the wrong horse., "he will lose us, and he will only increase us by a loss."

She explained that betting on him is an illusion, "because Washington has no allies, but rather individuals who protect its interests."

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Khaled pointed to the statements of Joe Biden, in which he stressed his keenness on Zionism, and his talk of the necessity of the existence and continuity of Israel to protect Washington's interests in the Middle East.

Khaled warned of the possibility of going to resume the negotiation process, "it continued for three decades and did not provide anything to the Palestinians," as the PalestinianAuthority announced the return of security coordination, while Riyad al-Maliki, its Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced the approval to return to negotiations without conditions.

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The Biden administration had announced the resumption of the negotiation process, while the Palestinian presidency, in a statement, welcomed this announcement.

Khaled stressed that the incoming Biden administration will not stop settlement construction nor stop the recognition of Jerusalem as the unified capital of the occupation, nor will it give up Israel's superiority in the region and its unlimited support for it.

She stressed that the alternative is to resume the internal reconciliation process according to the comprehensive national dialogue.

Khaled stated that the reconciliation files are frozen for this moment, and matters are still stagnant.

She called for the need for a real and effective formation of a unified national leadership according to a comprehensive national dialogue, and for the secretaries-general to be called back to correct the course and build real unity.

She stated that the path of unity cannot be achieved without a clear understanding of partnership and on a democratic basis in which everyone participates.

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