Bahaa Shammala

Bahaa Shammala

Palestinians to Joe Biden: We are ready for peace

Since the Trump administration announced the deal of the century and moved the U.S embassy to Jerusalem, any chance for peace in the region has become impossible.

The Trump peace plan, which was titled "Peace to Prosperity," has been characterized as requiring too few concessions from the Israelis and imposing too harsh requirements on the Palestinians.

Trump's bias towards Israel dramatically reversed the racism against the Palestinians which led to immense anger and condemnation by the Palestinians.

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On May 15th,  2018, as Palestinians all over the world were marking 70 years since the Nakba and the dispossession of Palestinians, the United States, under the Trump administration, moved its embassy to Jerusalem. Moving the U.S embassy to Jerusalem aimed at erasing the Palestinian identity and denying the Palestinian refugees’ right of return. . 

Thousands of angry Palestinians demonstrated to protest President Donald Trump's move to the US embassy in "Israel" to Jerusalem.

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Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation continues practicing its dehumanizing policy against the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. Everyday houses are demolished, land is confiscated, olive trees are burnt down by settler attacks, men, women and children are imprisoned and the many more atrocities committed in broad daylight.

Trump turned a blind eye toward this policy, while he was always calling for peace in the middle east.

Palestinians called the international community and the United Nations to immediately intervene to end the U.S bias toward Israel against the oppressed people of Palestine, but no one moved.

Joe Biden and the Palestinians' Hope

Since the U.S elections, the Palestinians have hopes of achieving peace and justice for their rights with the election of the new US president.

Palestinians wanted Joe Biden to win the elections since Trump only brought more disaster to them, denounced their rights, and was blindly biased to the Israeli occupation and its crimes against them.

When Biden won the election, Palestinians celebrated that the victory of a man who may do justice for them and save their rights.

All Palestinians send a message to Joe Biden that they are ready for peace that ends the Israeli occupation. They’re waiting for peace that they’ve been working for years to achieve- peace that guarantees the realization of their right to freedom and self-determination.


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