Hamas: Storms of normalization and conspiracies will not last forever

On the 103rd anniversary of the catastrophic Balfour declaration, the Hamas Movement has expressed confidence that the whirlwinds of normalization deals and the conspiracies that aim to liquidate the Palestinian cause will eventually subside and come to a halt.

“The treacherous Balfour declaration — which has initiated the tragedy of the century and created the greatest historical grievance that still exists — has been a void pledge and history theft…since it was made; therefore, Britain, alongside the occupation and its agents, is responsible for all the disasters and tragedies that have befallen our people and thus it should redress its historical crime,” Hamas said in a press release on Monday.

The Movement also condemned the Arab normalization deals with Israel as “a traitorous stab in the back of the Palestinian cause” and “a losing wager on an enemy who would turn against those who hastened to extend their hands to it.”

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“The anniversary of the disastrous Balfour declaration has come again while our Palestinian people is still suffering from occupation, brutality, oppression, killing and displacement, and while the international community persists in its silence and America is playing the same role that its ally Britain has practiced through seeking to clone new promises wrapped in new names, such as the deal of the century which is no less catastrophic and dangerous than the Balfour pledge,” Hamas underlined.

The Movement’s statement affirmed that “all forms of the resistance, whether popular or armed, would remain a legitimate, viable and irreversible option to regain the Palestinian people’s usurped rights and drive out the Israeli occupation.”

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