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1- "Israel" continues to commit heinous crimes against Palestinian journalists without any regard for the law! #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine


2- Watch the moment when a Palestinian paramedic was shot and injured by an Israeli sniper while he was treating the wounded. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine


3- Israeli Occupation Forces shot 49 Palestinian non-violent protesters, including 22 children,east of Gaza Strip in the 78th Friday of the #GreatReturnMarch. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

4- Israel uses butterfly bullets against Palestinians which have been prohibited under international law. These are often used to shoot Palestinians in the legs often resulting in amputation. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

5- Video shows Israeli snipers shot Palestinian youth at the weekly protests of Great Return March. #Act4palestine #PalWoundedDay


6- Mai Abu Rwaida who has lost her eye by an Israeli occupation sniper bullet tells her story to show the world how the state of "Israel" is brutal and aggressive! #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

7- Watch| A Palestinian child attempts to survive a youth was wounded by Israeli occupation forces east of Rafah. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

8- Watch| the Commission of Inquiry shows unarmed protesters in Gaza including children , being shot and killed or permanently injured by Israeli sniper fire. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine 

9- Watch| Palestinian photographer Abdul-Rahman Kahlout was shot in his leg by Israeli occupation snipers , he was targeted despite wearing a 'Press' vest while covering the Great March of Return at #Gaza separation fence . #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine


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10- We will never forget those who help the wounded. Razan AlNajjar was killed by a highly skilled sniper while tending to the wounded. She was clearly wearing her medics uniform but the sniper pulled the trigger. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

11- We will never forget those who help the wounded. Razan AlNajjar was killed by a highly skilled sniper while tending to the wounded. She was clearly wearing her medics uniform but the sniper pulled the trigger. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

12- "Israel" is using live ammunition against the Palestinian protesters. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

13- During its escalations and offensives, "Israel" has dealt with anyone moving in agricultural and wide empty areas as targets, leading them to be killed or wounded. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

14- Hundreds of the wounded are waiting for Israel to approve their exit permit to leave to get their treatment abroad. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine 

15- Palestinian casualties are our proud. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

16- Casualties in Gaza do not surrender under any circumstances. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

17- Palestinian casualties teach us lessons of sacrifice. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

18- It wasn't always the hero who saved the world. It was the person most willing to die first. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

19- Palestinian casualties suffers of their sever pains and tight blocked, while the world just watches. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

20- Hats off to Palestinian casualties, who taught us all about scarifies. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

21- The number of Palestinian casualties since the first Intifada in 1987 and till al-Quds uprising amounts to 250.000 casualties, 110.000 of them are in Gaza. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

22- Palestinian casualties, who put themselves on the line and sacrifice their own safety are inspiring. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

23- Palestinian casualties are evidences of Israeli crime against humanity and its use of international prohibited weapons. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine.

24- Every casualty has a story, some of them got their legs amputated while others got more than limbs amputated. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

25- Behind every casualty is a story that needs thousands of tweets to cover it. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

26- The weapons that "Israel" use against protesters are causing a deep injury in their body. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

27- Their wounds strengthen our resolve to defend our occupied land. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

28- Palestinian wounds tell you the story of their long-term struggle against Israeli occupation. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

29- About 18085 Palestinians injured during Marches in besieged Gaza. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

30- The international community must be justice and help the injured Palestinians. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

31- Palestinian wounded teach us lessons of sacrifice. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine














48- Hats off to Palestinian casualties who lost their sight, ability to hear and sustained sever injuries, but never give up. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

49- The wounded represent the living witness to the ugliness of the Zionist occupation and its violations of all international laws by using force and weapons prohibited against the Palestinian people. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

50- The number of people injured during the first intifada, “Al-Hijara”, during the period (1987-1993), was 130,000 Palestinians, and the number of people injured in the second intifada reached 35,099 wounded. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

51- The number of Palestinians injured in the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in 2008 was about 5450 wounded; in its aggression in 2012 about 1526 wounded; and in its aggression in 2014, about 11 thousand wounded. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

52- The number of wounded during the year 2017 was about 8,300 wounded, including 5,400 injured, following the announcement made by US President Trump to move the American embassy to Jerusalem on December 6, 2017. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

53- The number of wounded people in the Gaza Strip reached 9,520 wounded since the start of the return marches on March 30, 2018, on the occasion of "Land Day" until the end of July 2018. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

54- Some Palestinians were subjected to amputation of the limbs as a result of the Israeli occupation, and they were unable to install parties from Arab and foreign countries because they were unable to leave the Strip. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

55- At the Makassed Philanthropic Society Hospital in Jerusalem, 49 invading wounded people, including 17 children, are lying, each with a painful account that reveals the brutality of the aggression, which gathered the people of the Gaza Strip as the bloodiest and bloodiest. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

56- The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, confirmed that nearly 400,000 invaded children were traumatized during the war and face a very bleak future. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

57- Since the start of the return marches, the Israeli occupation forces have injured 14,673 Palestinians, including 3128 children, 653 women, 171 paramedics, and 148 journalists, as well as thousands of others who suffocated and suffocated from inhaling tear gas. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

58- Laws for the wounded must be passed to defend their cause and protect their rights. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

59- Palestinian wounded are not numbers , they are  heroes .  #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

60- The Palestinian wounded are not just numbers .... Behind every number a story. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

61- The Palestinian wounded ... have dreams ... contributed to the return of their lost dreams. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

62- Blockade and closure of crossings, a barrier to treatment for each Palestinian wounded! #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

63- More than 250 thousand wounded Palestinians since the conflict with the occupation. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

64- Your small support could accomplish a big dreams , support their steadfastness. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

65- Sufferers  of Palestine are not just numbers, but humans that Israeli occupation destroyed their dreams. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

67- The sufferings of Palestinian wounded grew by every minute passes. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

68- Till when Palestinian Sufferers  will suffer?  #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

69- Palestinian wounded teach us lessons of sacrifice. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

70- 15,369 Palestinians were injured during 2019 by IOF: 42% required medical treatment after inhaling tear gas, 16% were hit by rubber bullets and 13% were shot with live ammunition. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

80- IOF use of internationally prohibited weapons has seriously injured young people, destroying their dreams and futures without any attention from the international community. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

81- 31 July 2019, more than 8,000 Palestinians have been injured by live ammunition by IOF during the “Great March of Return”: 87% of these are limb injuries, and 5% f these injuries to the abdomen and pelvis. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

82- Israeli occupation forces continued to enforce severe, crimes and discriminatory restrictions on Palestinians’ human rights an illegal practice under international humanitarian law. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine

83- Human rights must stop Israel from committed more violations and make real decisions to help Palestinian civilians. #PalWoundedDay #Act4Palestine


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